Monday, March 14, 2011

Reconstructing the Bartolome Curiel and Maria Perez Family from Garganta la Olla

After I finished extracting the first list into excel, I was curious to see if I would be able to find families throughout all three lists, so I tried a little experiment. I took one of the families with the most children, because I thought that would make them easier to follow. I compared them through all three lists. Then I approximated the birthdates from their appearance on the lists. Next I searched the Parish Baptisms Registers. Lo and behold I found 12 children for Bartolome and Maria. It was very exciting. This proved to me, that this was a viable process. After this I was rejuvenated and began to continue working on the extraction part of the process with renewed energy to work towards completion as soon as possible.

Bartolome Curiel Family- 1586
Bartolome Curiel Family- 1594
Bartolome Curiel Family- 1603

One interesting fact about the family in the 1603 list, Bartolome and Maria, the father and mother, did not appear with the family. However, the daughter Ana was listed as of Bartolome Curiel, telling me that she was his daughter. At this point,  I am not sure what happened to Bartolome and Maria. I am thinking that the probability is high, that they both died. In the 1590s, there was a great plague and many people in Garganta la Olla died. Bartolome and Maria, could have been part of this group. Hopefully I will be able to answer that question in the burial records.

I have posted a Powerpoint Presentation that I gave at a conference about the Reconstruction Process. This Presentation will describe the process in much greater detail. If you are interested, take a look.


  1. I'm very impressed by your PowerPoint presentation. Do you give lectures often?

  2. I used to teach quite often, but I haven't for the last year, because of my health and trying to finish school. Thank you for the compliment. I also have some PowerPoints on line if you just search by my name I think you could find them in google. By the way, this is not the Presentation I turned in for class. I used it to teach at the Computerized Genealogy Conf last year, which changed its name to Rootstech this year.

  3. you are amazing! I am inspired by you. Hopefully soon I'll be in a season to turn that inspiration into action. Love you!